French House Club

...was founded in 2007 to promote fresh artists of finest Housemusic.

French House Club was founded in 2007 to promote fresh artists of finest House Music.

It started with the simple Idea of passion about finest house music and the creation of a myspace page. We find amazing artists in the sphere and get some audience for them on our channel. But at the time we also focused on our own dj project and missed the time and re-sources to push the FHC project forward. Over the time the project was sleep down and the myspace account details were lost.


After a decade we found deeply in our hard disk archive the data from then and remembering on our great times and the awesome sounds. So the idea rised to reactivated our mission to find amazing house music of fresh artists and also look back to the good old times. In the past we get amazing music available from great artists at the beginning of their journey. We hope that they all out there and living there ambitions to make finest sounds.

Somebody are not traceable, so if you find our channel please contact us.


We seek again for new artists of finest House Music. Feel free to contact us to get in the club.





Disco/Filter House



Askine was born in 1972 and began to produce music in the second half of the 2000. Because of his preference of 70s music the created music was disco house. He is a member of the puzzle group with his two loyal friends Jean Mustache and John Poincarré




Black Lips

Gothenburg, Sweden


Disco/Filter House



Demasi (born 1987 in Gothenburg, Sweden) a record producer, dj and remixer whose biggest underground success are "Heart", WeeknDays & "Would Love To Feel". He started producing beats at the age of 14 and met Koki back in '99, who went at the same junior high.


Koki (born 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden) a bass player, dj and a record producer whose big-gest underground success is the reggae flavoured “dropped my dollar”. Koki started in a reg-gae band called “Living Life” and has then moved on to produce along Demasi; Disco House/Minimal. With Koki working hard to collect different vibes in the disco house genre and Demasi dropping the minimal beat, shows that nothing will slow them down easily.



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Stop Life, Start Night

The Puzzle


Disco/Filter House




Get Down

It takes heart

Ice Cream

Berlin, Germany


Disco/Filter/Beach/Chill House



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Golden Times

Good To Me

I know

On my Mind


a.k.a. stdtkind

San Fruttuoso, Lombardia, Italy


Disco/Filter House



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La Maitresse Aux Yeux D'Or



Yet, Another Untitled

Old School Reunion - Love Story (stdtkind Remix)

Love & Mind



Disco/Filter/Beach/Chill House

Nightlounge (long version)

Midnight Martyn

São Paulo, Brazil


Disco House



Midnight Martyn a.k.a. Yuri Chix is one part of the duo Database. In General he is a composer, sound engineer, sound designer, and new sounds enthusiast using wise amount of distorted and spectral timbers to make unique stuff. He also have studied cinema.


With more than 10 years experience, he work with advertisements, movie soundtracks and also have worked with great composer and djs around the globe, like: Fatboy Slim, Mark Ronson, French Horn Rebellion, Tropkillaz, Metronomy, Is Tropical, etc.


As a DJ, he have rocked a lot of parties and festivals, like: SXSW, SWU, CMJ, Tim Festival, Lollapalooza, etc.



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Database on


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Burn me up

Party People (ft. Database)




Nu Disco / Indie Dance



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Calgary, Canada


Disco/Filter/French House



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Good Friends

Love Conga (Love Edit)

No One




Disco/Filter/French House



Having started his musical journey in late 2008, Poka was one of the first to contribute in the revival of the classic French Touch sound (Daft Punk, Le Knight Club, Alan Braxe, Cassius etc). Having first drawn attention with his first two free EPs : Phoenix Sun and Blast from the Past , he attracted attention of some blogs by early 2009 along with the interest of Jaymo and Andy George who presented him in the Young Blood section of the Kissy Sellout Show (BBC radio 1) and since then featured his productions in several other broadcasts.


His first official digital release, "Believe" EP by Club-a-Club (April 2010) gained much support by audience and international Djs and got really good comments by the blog community (Ilictronix, Tracasseur, Neonized, Sundtrak, Deathelectro).


Poka is also an part of the dou Bronson.




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Still don't wanna (ft. The Disko Starz)

The Disko Starz



Disco/Filter House



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New York's Battle

Still don't wanna (ft. Poka)

This Song's For You (Silver Disco Remix)

The Lipsyncs

Disco House

You Bring Me Up

The Phantom's Revenge

Nîmes, France


Disco/Filter/French/Progessive/Tec House, "nochillwave"



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Absolute Ego Riot

burn da red dog

The Furious Five

Adnan & Dimitrov - Feel Me On (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

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Homo Sapiens

for discover music


James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz

for discover the electromagnetic waves


Johann Philipp Reis

for discover how to transfer sound with electricity


Thomas A. Edison

for invent the Phonograph


Robert Moog

for invent the Moog Modular


Roland Corporation

for invent the rythm machines


Panasonic Corporation

for invent the Technics SL-1200


Pioneer Corporation

for invent the DJM


James Brown

for bringing the disco in to soul


David Mancuso

for creating the disco culture


Michael Jackson

for being Michael Jackson


Prince Rogers Nelson

for being Prince


Giorgio Moroder

for bring the synth into disco


Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter

for being Daft Punk

for founding the label Roulé

for founding the label Crydamoure


Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay

for being Justice


Pedro Winter

for founding Ed Banger Records


All Producer in our collection's

for creating these amazing music

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