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French House Club pres. Sélection of So French Records - Extension Un
This is the extension of the main tribute mix, a gift to the marvelous french label. The music has influenced and accompanied me since the beginning. I restart the project French House Club in 2017 and nearly one year ago I get in touch with the label owner Mac Stanton. For me is he a legend and a great talent, cause his music has accompanied me. We were equally sympathetic and I tried to give him some support. After some months he offered me the opperunity to release a official compilation, the French House Club Vol.1. That was some, which I had ever dreamed about to do with this brand.

This mix should show my huge respect to the work of the label and artists. I send out a huge "Thank you" to all those talented producers for creating this awesome music. The mix contains a selection of my favourite tunes form the beginning till the Summer Time Vol.10 release. I also included some unofficial and free releases.

On this Sélection we start the journey with up from some deep wave sounds over nu disco to some heavy indie electro.
Hopefully you like it and have a good time with listen to it.

Greetz to all french housers all over the world. <3

Nockx, French House Club, Germany

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