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French House Club - Club

French House Club
...was founded in 2007 to promote house music artists.

It started with the simple passion of house music and also the creation of a myspace page. We find amazing artists all around the world in the sphere and collect some audience for them on our channel. But at the time we also focused on our own dj project and missed the time and re-sources to push the FHC project forward. Over the time the project was sleep down and the myspace account details were lost.

After a decade we found deeply in our hard disk archive the data from then and remember on our great times and the awesome sounds. So the idea rised to reactivated the project and look so back to the good old times. In the past we get amazing music available from great artists at the beginning of their musical journey. We hope that they are all out there and living there ambitions to make finest music.

We are always open for new tunes, please feel free to contact us and get in the club.

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since 2020 partner of

French House Club Vol. 1

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Sélection of So French Records
Sélection of So French Records - Extension Un
Sélection of So French Records - Extension Deux
Sélection - musique française touchèe
The Phantom's Revenge
les chic commodores
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If you like our work, we would appreciate your support.

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