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French House Club pres. Sélection
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This is a significant mix for me and my project fhc, because it contain some of the most influenced tunes of my musical taste. For sure they are not the only ones which had an huge influnce, but the significant and specially of our definition of french touched music. Unfortnatually there are many tracks which didn't fit in the mix or would have crossed over my set timelimit of 10 hours.

First I would say some words to my definition of french touched house music. Like in other genre its hard to draw the lines between the different style names. For me the spectrum of french touched house reaches from filtered disco house (Benjamin Diamond, Roulé, Crydamoure...) to nearly electro vibes (the early Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier,...) and also included the today called retro synthwave (Lifelike, Fred Falke, Grum,...). For sure there will be tunes, which somebody would categorized into another genre. Formally the most of all defininition of the style has created the work by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Hoem-Christo, and this not only as Daft Punk. About the technical details (filter, sidechain, bassline,...) can you read in a lot of other descriptions, like wikipedia.

It has take me decades to collect this awesome music and become this kind of musical taste.
It has take me years to filter the greatest gems of this music.
This mix has taken me nearly a year to select the tracks, bring them in a themtically order, do the mixes and create the video.

Hopefully you like it and have a good time with listen to it.

Espcially I want to send out a huge "Thank you" to all those talented producers for creating this awesome music.

Greetz to all french housers all over the world. <3

Nockx, French House Club, Germany

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